LWVIL Using BallotReady as Voter Guide for Elections

Recently, the LWVIL Board decided to use BallotReady as a 2016 voter guide information source on candidates in the March 2016 Illinois primary and the November 2016 Illinois general election.

 Go to
www.ballotready.org and input both your zip code and street address. You will then be prompted to declare your political party preference and information on relevant candidates will be displayed by relevant office.

Please make sure that you then click on alphabetical (or random) to make sure that you can retrieve information on all party candidates for a particular office.

BallotReady provides a privacy policy option. That option is on bottom of the home page.

Also, please remember that there is both a presidential preferential primary and a presidential delegate election contest. Of these, the more important is the presidential delegate election contest.

More information on this is available on LWVIL website under Voting & Elections, Election 2016.

LWVIL Using BallotReady as Voter Guide for Elections