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President: Sue Cording

First Vice President: Kathy Pearson

Second Vice President: Carole Sullivan

Third Vice President: Esther Lieberman

Secretary: Jeanie Norman

Treasurer: Jake Bleveans

Director: Hollie Werner

Director: Past President Bonnie Cox

​Nominating Committee: Peg Murphy, Diann Marsh, and Charlene Price (One member of the 2017 board will also be named to the Nominating Committee at a later date).

All terms are for one year.​



LWV League of Women Voters Mission Statement - The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

For more information go to the national website which is at:  http://lwv.org/ 

STATEThere is also a state organization and the website is at: http://www.lwvil.org/
LOCALThis website is for our local LWV is at: http://www.lwvjodaviess.org/


League of Women Voters of Illinois PRESIDENT’S HANDBOOK

April 2009


Glossary of "League Lingo"

There are certain terms that are unique to the League of Women Voters- "League Lingo." Some are listed here to help new members and others.

  • ACTION: Promoting the League's positions on local, state and national public policy issues to government officials, the media and the public.
  • ACTION ALERT: Request from the LWVUS or state League to take action in support of a League position. ANNUAL MEETING: Local year-end business meeting to elect officers and directors, vote on bylaw changes and adopt a budget and program of work for the next year.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: A non-voting member of the League, such as a person under 18 years of age or a non-citizen.
  • CONSENSUS: Collective opinion of a substantial number of League members, representative of the membership as a whole, after objective study of an issue.
  • CONCURRENCE: Agreement by League members with a position on an issue reached by a small group of members or by another League.
  • CONVENTION: A state or national League meeting held every other year at which delegates elect officers and directors for the biennium, adopt program, make bylaw changes and adopt a budget, usually for one year. Local Leagues send delegates to state convention, local and state Leagues send delegates to national convention.
  • COUNCIL: An assembly of delegates held in alternate years to adopt a budget and assess program developments. Local Leagues send delegates to state council, state Leagues send delegates to national council.
  • DPM: Acronym for Duplicate Presidents Mailing, a subscription available to any member, containing the material sent in regular national or state League mailings to local League presidents.
  • EDUCATION FUND: The tax-deductible arm of national, state and large local Leagues, handling funds to be used only for educational purposes, not for action on issues.
  • HONORARY LIFE MEMBER: A person who has been a member for 50 years or more. Life members are excused from dues payment and their Leagues pay no per member payment (PMP) for them.
  • ILO: Acronym for an Inter-League Organization, formed by local Leagues within a county, metropolitan area or region to act on issues that are beyond the local League area in scope.
  • MAL: Acronym for Member-At-Large, a member who resides outside the area of, and is not enrolled in, a local League.
  • MAL UNIT: A state-recognized group of Members-At-Large, in an area where there is no local League.
  • PMP: Acronym for Per Member Payment, the amount of money paid to the LWVUS and the state League on behalf of each member.
  • POSITION: A statement of the League's point of view on an issue, arrived at through member study and agreement (consensus or concurrence), approved by the appropriate board and used as a basis for League action.
  • PRINCIPLES: Governmental standards and policies supported by the League as a whole. They constitute the authorization for adoption of program at all levels.
  • PROGRAM: Selected governmental issues chosen by members at the local, state and national levels for study and action.
  • PROGRAMS: Plans for speakers, discussion or other activities for League meetings.
  • UNIT: Groupings of members within large local Leagues to provide more opportunity for discussion. Units may be time-oriented (day, evening, lunch hour), geographically oriented, or both.
  • VOTERS GUIDE: Nonpartisan publication giving candidates' qualifications and positions on selected issues.
  • VOTERS SERVICE: Year-round activity to help citizens be politically effective and to encourage their participation in the political process. Registering voters and presenting factual, nonpartisan information on candidates and election issues are basic voters service activities. Voter Services activities include coordinating and moderating candidate forums at state and local levels of government.
  • VOTING MEMBERS: All League members who are U.S. citizens and at least 18 years old.

The League of Women Voters of Illinois  332 S. Michigan Avenue  Suite #1150  Chicago, IL 60604

​Phone: 312/939-5935  Fax: 312/939-6887  info@lwvil.org  www.lwvil.org


2017 LWV-JDC 
Board Meeting Minutes

​  The text in blue provides links to minutes from monthly board meetings. Each month, the unapproved minutes are posted. They are then approved at the next board meeting, possibly with revisions. If there are any changes made to the minutes the revised minutes will be posted.

  1. January Board Minutes
  2. February Board Minutes
  3. March Board Minutes
  4. April Board Minutes
  5. May Board Minutes
  6. June Board Minutes
  7. July Board Minutes
  8. August Board Minutes
  9. September Board Minutes
  10. October Board Minutes
  11. November Board Minutes
  12. December Board Minutes

Diversity Policy - The League of Women Voters of Jo Daviess County strives to include and recruit people with wide-ranging viewpoints as well as people of all ethnic, economic and racial backgrounds in its membership, activities and board of directors.​

Purpose ​- The purpose of the LWV of  Jo Daviess County is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and to act on selected governmental issues.

​Non-Partisan Policy - ​The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any political party or candidates.